If you’re new to this site and want to read the blog week by week follow these links

Week One in which i lose 8lb and manage to 1326 steps whilst driving my car

Week Two in which I walk..mostly to restaurants

Week Three in which I try a treadmill and freeze my arse off

Week Four in which I get intimate with a power plate

Week Five in which I meet the wieght loss guru

Week Six in which I arrive in Sydney lighter than I left it

Week Seven in which I get out the MiracleSuit (aussie edition)

Week Eight & Nine in which it all gets a bit harder (aussie edition)

Week Ten and Eleven in which I turn 52 (aussie edition)

Week Twelve  in which I learn skills from a chef

Week Thirteen in which I discover that a burger joint could derail me

Week Fourteen in which I try mindful eating in the back of a London cab

Week Fifteen in which I do very little (holiday edition)

Week Sixteen & Seventeen in which I go arse over tit

Week Eighteen & Nineteen in which I lose another couple of pounds despite Nachos and Popcorn

Week Twenty & Twenty One in which I travel from Berkshire to Dubai via the Plateau

Week Twenty Two & Twenty Three in which I weigh up the pro’s and con’s

Week Twenty Four and Twenty Five in which i schmooze in Cannes

Week Twenty Six & Twenty Seven in which I make it HALFWAY

Week Twenty Eight to Thirty in which I do battle with the voice in my head (Aussie edition)

Weeks  Thirty One to Thirty Six in which I hit the 3 stone mark (Summer Edition)

Weeks Thirty Seven to Forty Four in which I fall off the wagon

Weeks Forty Five & Forty Six in which I get up close and personal with a sex therapist

FINAL CHAPTER week Fifty Two in which I round up the year