Week 6…in which I arrive in Sydney lighter than I left it

I have a weird relationship with my FitBit. It’s certainly not a love/hate one – there is no love from my side whatsoever.  My FitBit is a passive/ aggressive, patronising, smirking little shit. I HATE that I have to wear it, it’s hardly unobtrusive. No other device so overtly broadcasts the intent of the wearer more than a fitness device and most people know EXACTLY what it is. When people who don’t know me notice it I can see their confusion. I’m not built like your typical wearer – at least not yet – so I feel the need to silence their unspoken ‘well that’s not working very well is it’ with a proclamation of ‘what this thing? Really? Is that what its for??’

But I feel a bit lost when I’m not wearing it, like somethings missing. Not enough to stop me being unfaithful to it though. The thing ran out of battery mid-morning before I flew to Australia (is it being unfaithful if it can no longer perform?) so I downloaded a pedometer to my mobile. I wondered how I was going to make 10,000 steps during the flight, but needn’t have worried. A mistake on the airline booking had me stopping at both Dubai and Bangkok on route to Sydney – each stop requiring a grueling, stressful, 40 minute sweaty hike, with much swearing under my breath. I chose not to use the travellators – I thought it’d be a cop out and just wistfully watched my fellow travelers whisking past me as I hobbled to the gate with my phone clocking my steps from the safety of my pocket.


It resulted in a whopping 13,240 steps in 24 hours so when I boarded the last flight I PRETENDED to reward myself with desert…

Other things this week..

  1. I walked to the office and back TWICE – I’ve discovered (to my total shock) that I quite enjoy it. Gives me time to think. This might explain how I’ve had the best weeks sleep in a decade (averaging 7 hours a night) My best ‘thinking time’ has, for years, been between 2am to 5am, but having at least an hour a day to think while walking means that I find there’s nothing I haven’t already mulled over. For the first time I’m seeing unexpected benefits of this healthy year thing.
  2. A 40Kg baggage allowance combined with having so much stuff spread around my fairly big house meant that packing alone racked up 2105 steps. But packing fatigue is a thing. A good friend of mine has a real live butler. I consider asking to borrow him, and then realise that he’d be used to packing clothes from Gucci and Tom Ford rather than M&S and ASOS Curve so my pride stops me.
  3. A speaking engagement in Leeds had me worrying that spending a day on a train would be bad for my eating and worse for my stepping. But I was wrong. Changing trains at Birmingham New Street was a revelation! The station has been turned into a mecca for shopping and eating with at least 20 restaurants and 5 times that number in shops. HUGE! 4000 steps huge. And I prepared food – back to juicing (for breakfast and lunch) and as a litre of avocado juice is enough to feed a family of four on a budget I wasn’t hungry once. But I discovered that I pace when I do a talk. In half an hour of presenting I’d taken over 1500 steps…which must have made the audience dizzy. I plan to work on this.
  4. Wasabi restaurant is a very healthy place to eat if you’re careful. Brown rice sushi is an actual thing too.
  5. I see something I want in the Prada shop window. At the end of this year I’m going to go in and buy something. Right now I’m simply not in their demographic and can’t walk into a designer boutique without the shop assistants holding up a crucifix and clove of garlic.
  6. I arrived at Sydney airport to be greeted by a wall of 38 degree heat and promptly melted into a puddle on the floor. I decided this must be a good thing for the flight induced water retention and wondered if it would look weird to get my scales out and weight myself immediately.

Outcome – I lost 3 lbs


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