Weeks Eight & Nine…in which it all gets a bit harder (aussie edition)

WEEK 8 was a nightmare. See below. I didn’t lose a single pound AND I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING TALK ABOUT IT, OKAY!!!

WEEK 9 has been better but started badly. I broke a tooth. As in it totally snapped off leaving a tiny stub of enamel. I want to say that I was eating avocado at the time (although I’m beginning to think that there are only so many avocados a girl can eat) but I’d be lying. I broke it on the ONE crispy roast potato I allowed myself whilst eating a meal made by one of the best home cooks in Sydney. Spotting the look of horror on my face she asked to see a close up. Rather unhelpfully but with total honesty she pointed out that I  looked like someone out of ‘Deliverance’. With an upcoming gig on TV and a fair few public speaking engagements I almost lost the plot. Fortunately aforementioned friend jumped into action. A few hours and $460 later I was the proud owner of an artificially constructed temporary tooth that actually looks better than the original one. I can’t eat on the right side of my mouth, but given last weeks disaster that’s probably a good thing.

Here’s some other stuff…

  1. I’ve discovered that when I’m really busy and in work ‘flow’ then I can eat something without even meaning to. If I don’t concentrate – and I mean REALLY concentrate on what I’m going to eat..then things simply jump into my mouth. Like the second crispy roast potato. Seriously, this getting healthy lark is really fricking hard because it takes a lot of focus…on me…and why the f**k would I want to focus on me when there’s so much more exciting stuff to spend my time thinking about! But I have a sneaking and newly dawned suspicion that not focusing on me might have been my problem for the last 20 years. Shit.
  2. Healthy eating takes planning too. I discovered that if I don’t plan for breakfast then I’m STARVING by 11am and will eat anything I see. Which is unfortunate because in Sydney there seems to be an epidemic of banana and raisin bread in the coffee shops. I’ve resisted so far though – this is what I’ve been eating for breakfast this week…

3. Did about a million steps on my one day off. Traipsing around the Blue Mountains was wet and cold (there’s a photo somewhere of me in a kagool but I’ve threatened divorce if it ever surfaces) but i absolutely loved it. Didn’t give up..although the upward steps on the near vertical ‘cascades’ gave me a wobbly moment..and didn’t get back ache once (that’s a new thing and must be linked to the weight I’ve lost thus far – a few months ago a walk around the block would have seen me bent over like a 90 year old).

4. I mentioned in week 7 my love for Camilla kaftans. Turns out it’s not just me. They had a warehouse sale last week with 80% off and over 1000 women queued to get in. One was arrested for posing as a security guard and pinching everyone’s shopping bags…#RESPECT!!

5. Australia has huge spiders. This one’s become a pet. I’ve wondered how hungry I’d need to be to eat it.


6. I love that so many people are supporting my getting healthy mission and that I’m regularly sent things intended to inspire me..or make me laugh. I want these stairs installed in my house by the time I get home.


7. I’ve dropped a whole size so far this year…and Australian clothes are one size below the UK. So I’m officially the thinnest I’ve been for over a decade…at least in the label of my new trousers.

OUTCOME…I lost one pound. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Weeks Eight & Nine…in which it all gets a bit harder (aussie edition)

  1. Sounds to me like you are getting a whole lot healthier (which is not always weight related) and that you are maintaining your focus.
    Lightest in years sounds really great. Just imagine how you are going to look and feel and what you are going to be able to do when you hit and maintain your target.
    To use Sherilyn venacular ” fucking brilliant!”

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  2. Are Aussie sizes really 1 size smaller? I never knew that. See you Wednesday. We shall sit together & eat things that are mainly green x


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