52 Lbs in 52 weeks – a story in 52 parts.

I’m 52 years old this year..and I’m 100lbs overweight. Thats 45 Kilos. Or 7 stone. Yup, that’s ONE WHOLE F**KING PERSON!

I can’t run (actually I probably can, like if someone was attempting to murder one of my children, I just really, REALLY don’t want to), and getting out of bed gets harder every day with every joint (especially knees and ankles) creaking with the trauma of moving my body into an upright position. Whilst I FEEL like I’m gliding through life, I’m actually waddling.

My natural state is..static. The very thought of ‘getting fit’ makes me want to dive into a packet of salt n vinegar crisps under a duvet. I HATE any form of physical activity, and I LOVE food of every single kind.

But no more.

In 2017 I will lose 52lbs (yeah, one lb per week – I know about setting realistic goals). By the end of the year I will run the 6 km Coogee to Bondi coastal path…or 6km of the Bournemouth coastal walk (much colder and not as gorgeous).

And in 2018 I’ll lose the rest.


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